World Sketching Tour

Luís Ricardo Simões is in the midst of a World Sketching Tour.  The Portuguese artist, a graphic designer by trade, is taking on the world, and sketching his adventures along the way.

He started in Lisbon in March of 2012, and after immortalizing Europe in his colorful journal pages, he moved on to Asia.  He’ll then visit Oceania, the Americas, and Africa, wrapping things up in 2017.

It’s an ambitious goal, but one that I feel has been undertaken by someone who is more than up to the challenge.

His artwork comes alive with not only the characteristics of the local architecture, but also the personalities of the denizens.

The sketches are colorful and emotional, and they remind me of a fairy tale picture book.  But they’re real places.  I love that juxtaposition.  There’s a softness to the colors, but a wildness to the lines.  To me, he makes these places that are already magical that much more fantastic.

Here are a few of my favorites:


Strasbourg, France


Riga, Latvia


Flensburg, Germany

La Rochelle

Janelas Torre Conservatorio de Musica


Bremen, Germany

To keep up with Simões’ travels and sketches, to see his videos, track him on the map, read his blog, or support him through donations or purchasing his artwork, visit him at his website:  World Sketching Tour.


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