Sealing Air Leaks in Your Home

We all know that the air leaks in our home’s envelope cost us money.  But where do we find these leaks?

This is one illustration that shows where you could have possible air leaks in your home:


air leaks from homes

photo: Journal of Light Construction


Builder Magazine tells us the 5 Penetrations that Provide the Most Bang for Your Air-Sealing Buck are:

1.  recessed lights
2.  duct boot
3.  top plate to drywall at attic
4.  garage wall
5.  band joists

Of course, it’s usually the builder’s job to ensure these areas are taken care of when the home is build, not something the average homeowner would look in to after the fact.  But these facts could come in handy if you’re building a home, because you can ask your builder what they’re doing to seal your home.

If you want to read more on technical side of the subject, you can check out the article on Builder, or read the Journal of Light Construction’s Air-Sealing for Hot Climates.

But for most of us, another great place to find tips is from the Department of Energy.


The above illustration from shows where you can find air leak problems, and they list instructions on how to seal these leaks here:  Tips on Sealing Air Leaks, like installing foam gaskets behind electrical outlets plates and covering your kitchen exhaust fan when not in use.



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