The Top 5 States for Installing Solar Panels

A recently released report by ranks all 50 states by which would benefit the most from residential solar panels.

And Florida’s not even in the top five.

Why?  Well, they’re considering a variety of factors, such as how many hours the sun is shining and how strongly.  They also take into account state incentives and the amount of solar grid capacity in megawatts.

To rank the states, they asked:

—  Are you’re electricity bills expensive?
—  Does your state over economic insentives that make the switch worth it?
—  Is your state sunny enough to obtain energy through solar?
—  Is there existing state capacity for solar?

So where did Florida rank, you ask?  Number 8.  Still pretty high out of 50, but, I have to admit, I was a little surprised to not find it in the top 5 list.  It made a little more sense after checking out the stats, I guess.  I still think they’re worth it.

Anyway, here are the top 5:

1.  California
2.  Hawaii
3.  Arizona
4.  Maryland
5.  Delaware

And a colorful inforgraph based on the study:

switch to solar

Find all the stats at NerdWallet’s The Best States for Residential Solar Energy.

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