7 Cities at Risk of Rising Seas

photo: Climate Central

St. Petersburg, FL, at it’s highest point, is only 61 feet above sea level.

That makes beach living ideal, but becomes a problem when you start projecting rising water levels.

Climate Central announced that, although we know that sea levels are rising at about an inch per decade, carbon emissions accelerate that rate.  If things continue the way they are now, by the end of the century, the sea level will rise 23 feet.

Seven of the top cities at risk include:

1.  Metairie, LA
2.  Hollywood, FL
3.  Huntington Beach, CA
4.  Hialeah, FL
5.  Stockton, CA
6.  New Orleans, LA
7.  St. Petersburg, FL

Read the full statistics at 24/7 Wall St. or check out the interactive map on Climate Central.

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