Want to Live in a Lighthouse?

Many people love the idea of living in a lighthouse.  But it’s not really feasible, even if you can find one for sale.

The good news?  You can build one!

Here’s a charming cape cod home plan from Dan Tyree, complete with attached lighthouse:

cape cod house plan with lighthouse

cape cod house plan with lighthouse

How cool is that?

The 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath “Kittee’s Light” plan includes spacious living areas, a chef’s kitchen, a well-appointed master suite, and an attached lighthouse.

The lighthouse functions as a stair hall and lookout tower, but has the look and feel of a working lighthouse, for some authentic nautical charm.

Check out the floor plan at Dan Tyree’s website.

There’s even a coloring page for kids!

Or, you could just build the lighthouse:

kittee's light lighthouse

See the tower plans here.

And if you’re looking for your own unique home in the Tampa Bay area, you can contact me at Rosemary Sells Tampa!


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2 responses to “Want to Live in a Lighthouse?”

  1. Dan Tyree says :

    Just found this article. Thanks.

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