Enotah Modern Vacation Cabin

Enotah Modern Vacation Cabin

I am in love with this tiny, 600 square foot cabin from Dan Tyree.

Named Enotah, this modern “hunting” cabin has one bedroom, but also has a hike’e (pronounced “hickey-ay”), or hawaiian sleeping couch, on it’s roomy covered porch.

The architect tells the story of the inspiration behind the cabin:

“Cherokee legend tells of a great flood that swept over the land. Everyone that inhabited the land died except a few Cherokee families that sought refuge in a giant canoe. The canoe ran aground at the summit of Enotah. Having no wild game to hunt and no place to plant vegetation, the Great Spirit killed all of the trees on the top of the mountain so the surviving people could plant their crops. They continued planting until the water subsided.”

Although compact, it is bright and open and airy.  Large sliding glass doors connect the porch and living area.  Outside, you’ll find a small wood stove, and inside, a beautiful stacked stone, wood burning fireplace.

There is plenty of room for seating and dining within the living area and, more importantly, a fully-stocked kitchen, which provides space for a full-size range and refrigerator.

The bedroom has an attached, full bath with a large walk-in shower, but the real highlight is that it has one entire wall composed of windows.  Great for airflow and for enjoying the view.

Check out these photos:

Enotah Modern Vacation Cabin

Enotah Modern Vacation Cabin

Enotah Modern Vacation Cabin

A perfect, simple vacation home.

See (and buy) the plans at Dan Tyree’s website.

And if you’re looking for a unique home in Tampa Bay, contact me at Rosemary Sells Tampa!

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