The Kitchen and Bath Factory: Freestanding Tubs

While recently visiting Florida’s Largest Home Show, I was intrigued by The Kitchen and Bath Factory booth.

Mostly by the bathtubs, honestly.

I’m fascinated by unique, freestanding tubs.  And they had a nice selection on display.

The Kitchen and Bath Factory Bathtubs

This one in particular, with the metal scrolling across the translucent glass, caught my eye:

The Kitchen and Bath Factory Scroll Freestanding Bathtub

And then, the mom part of my brain spotted this shiny leviathan:

The Kitchen and Bath Factory Firetruck Kid's Bathtub

A bathtub shaped like a firetruck?  Yup.

The rep said they also had one shaped like a princess castle, it just wasn’t on display.

Either way, I was intrigued about this concept.  The firetruck (or castle) fits neatly over your existing bathtub and, when your young kids have grown, you simply remove it.

But really, one of the reasons I love this idea so much, is because you can give your kids a bath while standing.  I usually wind up perched on a step stool for this nightly ritual, and occasionally kneeling by the tub, but that’s a little hard on the back and the knees.

Of course, with a tub like this, I might never get my kids out of the bath!

To learn more about their stores located all around Tampa Bay, check out The Kitchen and Bath Factory.

Got a home to sell in Tampa Bay?  Check out Rosemary Sells Tampa!

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