The $150 Handmade House

The $150 Handmade Hobbit House

This amazing, hobbit-like house was hand constructed by farmer Michael Buck with unwanted scraps and £150 of materials (about 245 USD, but 150 sounded catchier in the title).

Technically categorized as a summer house, it’s located in Mr. Buck’s garden.  He spent two years gathering materials for the home and about 8 months building it.  He used a technique called cob for the walls, which consists of making the walls from sand, clay, straw, water, and earth.

The purpose behind its construction was to challenge the notion that it should take a lifetime to pay for a house.

It would have been free to build, too, except that he miscalculated how much straw he would need for the thatching.  He used the money to buy extra straw and nails to hold the roof in place.  But everything else was gathered scraps, such as wood from a skip used for the floors and an old windshield from a truck for the windows.

It has no electricity, but there’s a wood-burning stove and a water supply from the nearby stream.  It’s livable, and, in fact, is currently being rented to a local dairy farm worker who pays her rent in milk and cream.

The $150 Handmade Hobbit House

The $150 Handmade Hobbit House

The $150 Handmade Hobbit House

See the whole story at The Daily Mail.

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