Why You Should Join Keller Williams Realty: Technology

Keller Williams Technology Infographic

Modern and relevant technology is one of the big reasons that Keller Williams Realty stands out from the crowd.

Some of the specific technology tools that Keller Williams provides for its agents include:

  • eEdge – A state-of-the-art contact management system that tracks communication with each and every client.
  • State of the art real estate websites with many template designs to choose from and syndication of your listings on 340+ websites.
  • Downloadable marketing materials and templates.
  • Automatic marketing campaigns through online lead generation.
  • Internet training video/audio sessions on Keller Williams University, KW Connect and the KW Intranet.
  • Database marketing and lead generation systems.
  • Virtual filing systems for sales/invoices.

These are some pretty amazing benefits, but there’s so much more!

For example, as a Keller Williams agent, I have my own property search app.  You can see it by clicking here to by texting “KW2B3CSU8” to 87778 on your iPhone, iPad, or Android.

Plus, my market center (Keller Williams Realty New Tampa) offers even more benefits for our agents.  We have a dedicated IT expert on staff to help us set up and run the technology available to us, as well as teaching multiple classes every month that are free to agents (and our guests – wanna go?  Just ask!)

We also have (unlike other realty companies in mid-Florida) memberships with powerful websites that help us sell our listings, like Hubzu and CirclePix.

If you want to learn more about this amazing technology and find out about joining the Keller Williams family, please contact me!

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