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This Month in Real Estate: May 2014

The median price for homes was $198,000 and home prices are up 5.4% from last month and 7.7% from the same month last year.

And the average nation rate for 30-year fixed mortgages has slightly risen to 4.33%.

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Tips for Buying a Vacation Home

Tips for Buying a Vacation or Second Home

Investing in a second home is a great way to vacation.  Whether it’s a beachfront condo or a Disney-adjacent single family home, there are so many wonderful ways to make lasting memories with your family.

But, before you jump in, review these 6 tips:

1. Keep costs within the budget.  Unless you’re paying cash, make sure you get prequalified for a loan before you start looking.  And don’t overspend:  you’ll need cash for ice cream.

2. Determine the frequency of use.  If you’re going to be spending a week or a month at a time at your vacation home, then you may not mind spending half the day in the car (or in airports) to get to your destination, but if it’s a weekend home, you’ll probably want it a little closer. 

3. Pick the right location.  Pick an area that offers what you want.  If you’re not a beach person, maybe homes with the Gulf of Mexico in the backyard isn’t where you should be looking. 

4. Understand upkeep.  If you don’t want to hire a lawn service to mow a large yard, you may want to consider a maintenance-free condo or town home. 

5. Research rental potential and costs.  If you intend to rent out the property, be sure to research things like renter’s insurance and what properties in the area are renting for. 

6. Think about resale and changing needs.  Don’t forget to factor resale value into your decision.

These tips are summarized from Barbara Ballinger.  Read more at Realtor Mag.

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Gap Between Renting and Buying Costs is Closing in U.S.

Sold Sign

The gap between renting and buying is narrowing across the U.S., down 8% from last year.

Home ownership is 38% cheaper than renting, although the numbers do vary slightly depending on your region.  Owning is only 5% cheaper than renting in Honolulu, but is 66% cheaper in Detroit.

Even though home prices have been on the rise, low mortgage rates have continued to make home ownership a better financial decision.

Owning a home will continue to be cheaper than renting until interest rates reach 10.6%.

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Read more:  Property Wire

This Month in Real Estate: April 2014

Median Home Price:  $189,000

Average 30-year Fixed Mortgage Rate: 4.32%

This month’s video focuses on buying a home in a seller’s market.

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This Month in Real Estate: March 2014

Home prices are down 4.5% from last month, but are still 11% higher than they were from the same month last year.

The average national rate for a 30-year fixed mortgage is at 4.33%.

Inventory is now at the lowest since 2005, so we’re experiencing a seller’s market.  This means that if you’re a buyer, you need to get pre-qualified from a mortgage company before looking at homes, and if you’re a seller, you need to be listed at the right price.

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Sandy Snowman | Christmas in Siesta Key, Florida

It was negative 16 degrees in some areas of the country this week, but here in Tampa, Florida, we’ve got a balmy high of 79 today.

Most of us Floridians do wish it was a wee bit cooler, but we’re still enjoying Christmastime in our own way.

In the spirit of the season, I wanted to share this photo by Barbara Weibel of a snowman built from the soft, white sand of Siesta Key:

Sandy Snowman  |  Christmas in Siesta Key, Florida

As a local beach bum who has known the joy of toes buried deep within the cool, velvet sands pictured here, I can share a smile with this contented snowman.

Merry Christmas from Florida!

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Single-Family Home Prices are Going Up

Stats from the National Assoc. of Home Builders are showing a pretty steady rise in prices for single-family homes since 2009.

The charts below show the numbers from 2009-2012, and also for the three-quarters of 2013:

New and Existing Home Price Trends

Find this graphic at Builder Online.

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Check Your Credit Score 6 Months Before Trying to Buy a Home

Nearly 3 out of 10 Americans have a credit score of 620 or lower, and are unlikely to qualify for a conventional mortgage loan.

And the lowest mortgage rates usually go to people with credit scores of 740 or higher.  According to, in September 2010, 47% of Americans had a credit score over 720, but as of September 2013, that number is 40.3 percent.

When you’re ready to buy a home, you want to avoid any unpleasant surprises, so it’s important to make sure your credit is in good standing.

At least 6 months before trying to purchase a home, check your credit score.  Fix any mistakes, and make sure you keep paying all your bills on time.  Also, don’t take out any loans or new credit before closing on your new home.

Read more about the credit score stats at Florida Realtors, and check out my blog on 7 tips to Fix Mistakes in Your Credit Report.

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Discover the Lifestyle of Connerton in Land O’ Lakes, Florida

Connerton just released a new video showcasing all of their amazing amenities!

You can view the clubhouse, fitness center, cafe/lounge, basket ball and tennis courts, resort-style pool and water play area, playgrounds, open spaces, and wooded walking trails.