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Coastal Blueprint Posters

These coastal blueprint posters measure 12″ x 12″ and depict both nautical animals and structures.

The first shows a lighthouse, sailboat, and anchor, and the second an octopus, seahorse, and crab.

True, they’re more map-like than blueprint-like, but, either way, if I had a beach house, this art would be on the walls.

Coastal Blueprint Posters:  Lighthouse, Sailboat, and Anchor

Coastal Blueprint Posters:  Octopus, Seahorse, and Crab

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(Source:  poster 1, poster 2)

Blueprint Paperweight for Architects

Blueprint Paperweight for Architects and Builders

Blueprints make me happy.

Hard to say why, exactly, but they do.

I’ve been studying floor plans since I was a kid.  Drew them myself on the computer all through my formative years.  Even attempted a semester at the UF School of Architecture.

And, while architecture might not have been in the stars for me when it came to a career choice, I still love it.

So for people like me, this paperweight is the perfect office accessory:  a big ball of smiles.

You can find the Crumpled Blueprint Paperweight on Amazon.

LEGO Simpsons House

LEGO Simpsons House

I’m a little obsessed with LEGO blocks, so when I came across this Simpsons set, I was pretty excited.

It’s SO detailed, which is great for both Simpsons fans and anyone who loves dollhouse-type miniatures.

LEGO Simpsons House

It hinges open to reveal the interior, and you can take remove the roof for easier access to the top floor while it’s closed.

LEGO Simpsons House

It comes with 6 figures and a ton of fun LEGO accessories, like Bart’s room with his skateboard and Krusty the Clown poster, Lisa’s room with her favorite books and jazz poster, and the living room with iconic couch, TV playing Itchy and Scratchy, purple piano and so much more.

LEGO Simpsons House

Click here to get the LEGO Simpsons House on Amazon.

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Listings for Disney Real Estate

Ever wanted to get away from it all?

Maybe what you need is an cottage with an open floor plan nestled in the charming woods of Wonderland or a historic houseboat floating on the clear, blue seas of Neverland?

What would real estate listings look like if they were describing Disney abodes?

A little like this:

See more Disney listings at Disney Domicile Listings.

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New Year’s Resolutions

House Repairs with Legos

It’s that time of year again:  New Year’s Resolutions!

Do any of your resolutions include your house?  Making repairs?  Renovating?

Maybe you’re looking for a new home?

What are your New Year’s Resolutions?  Share in the comment section!

LARPers at Home

From Stormtoopers to Krampusse, LARPers (Live Action Role Players) live out all kinds of fantasies in their costumes.

But what about at home?

Photographer Klaus Pichler decided to document these LARPers where they live.

LARPers at Home:  Stormtooper
LARPers at Home: Halo
LARPers at Home:  Krampus
LARPers at Home:  Teddy Bear
LARPers at Home:  Knight

See more photos at Houzz.

Sandy Snowman | Christmas in Siesta Key, Florida

It was negative 16 degrees in some areas of the country this week, but here in Tampa, Florida, we’ve got a balmy high of 79 today.

Most of us Floridians do wish it was a wee bit cooler, but we’re still enjoying Christmastime in our own way.

In the spirit of the season, I wanted to share this photo by Barbara Weibel of a snowman built from the soft, white sand of Siesta Key:

Sandy Snowman  |  Christmas in Siesta Key, Florida

As a local beach bum who has known the joy of toes buried deep within the cool, velvet sands pictured here, I can share a smile with this contented snowman.

Merry Christmas from Florida!

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(photo source)

Home Alone’s Home Decor

Home Alone's Home Decor from Joss & Main

Joss & Main is currently featuring a home decor collection inspired by the classic Christmas movie Home Alone.

The collection mirrors the furniture, decor, and thematic elements found in the movie.

It brought a smile to my face.

Here are a few of my favorite pieces:

Buckingham Fireplace Screen  |  Home Alone Inspired Decor

Elizabeth Sofa  |  Home Alone Inspired Decor

5-Piece Pierce Fireplace Tool Set  |  Home Alone Inspired Decor

4' Faux Pre-Lit Christmas Tree with Urn  |  Home Alone Inspired Decor

Ice Skating in New York Framed Art Print  |  Home Alone Inspired Decor

See the whole Home Alone Collection at Joss & Main until the end of December!

Imaginary Architecture: the Artwork of Filip Dujardin

The Belgian artist Filip Dujardin specializes in something he calls “imaginary architecture.”

It’s fascinating:  he takes an image that would otherwise be nondescript and something at which we might not otherwise take a second glance, and he changes it into something spectacular and unique and fantastical.

His artwork is fun to look at.

It gives you something to ponder.

And as a prior student of architecture, it sparks fire within my imagination.

D’ville 001 (2012)

D’ville 007 (2012)

GMRS 008 (2012)

Untitled #1

Untitled #5

Untitled #16

Untitled #21

To see more of Dujardin’s artwork, check out the Highlight Gallery.

Because Why NOT an Octopus Playing Chess?

octopus vs. rook statue

This metal sculpture is apparently by Leigh Dyer and graces Hastings Old Town in Britain.

And I just thought I’d share it as a friendly reminder to add some creativity to your day.  Because… why not?

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(photo:  Beyond the Masquerade)