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Stylish Custom Home in St. Pete

Custom Modern Home in St. Pete

Devonshire Custom Home Builders is a local St. Petersburg and South Tampa builder.  They focus on using local craftsmen to produce a high level of detail.

This particular home in St. Pete struck me as special because of the way they punctuated the modern home with a bright blue color, reminiscent of the local gulf, and still managed to keep it elegant.

Custom Modern Home in St. Pete

Custom Modern Home in St. Pete

Custom Modern Home in St. Pete

Custom Modern Home in St. Pete

And even though I love the chandelier over the stairs (is that Chihuly?), my favorite room is the bathroom:  the winding tile/river rock patterns that dip down to a statement standing tub with clean lines that’s nestled under a window overlooking the water.

Custom Modern Home in St. Pete

Photos Copyright Devonshire Custom Home Builders.

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First House Built by a 3D Printer

The first house to be built by a 3D printer will be in Amsterdam by Dus Architects.

They’ve developed a 3D printer (the KamerMaker) large enough to print big sections of a house that can then be stacked and connected like LEGO blocks.

They’ve only built a small section at this point, and they have yet to find a way to make it sturdy while still remaining biodegradable, which is the end goal:  a recyclable house made with zero waste.

House to be built by 3D Printer!

It’s an amazing concept, but I’m curious:  would you live in a home printed by a 3D printer?

Watch the video and let me know your thoughts in the comment section!

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House in La Jolla With Open Views

House in La Jolla With Open Views

This beautiful modern home in La Jolla, Peru was designed by Metropolis architects and features a wonderful open view over the serene seascape.

The spacious home is open to the surrounding environment through the generous use of glass throughout.

A rear deck flows out into a sleek pool with open views of the beach.

House in La Jolla With Open Views

House in La Jolla With Open Views

House in La Jolla With Open Views

To see more photos, visit ArchDaily.

Australian Angophora House

The Angophora House was designed by Richard Cole Architecture, and it located on the lower North Shore of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

I love the lines of this house:  the curves, the expansive windows.  And the contrast between the white and the wood and the concrete.

But, honestly, my favorite spot is the bathroom, with the rustic rock wall curved over the sleek, modern tub.

What’s yours?

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A Room With a View

House Beautiful has collected a dozen rooms with spectacular views, from mountains to oceans to skyscrapers.

Here are a few of my favorites:

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Ordination Vienna Woods in Austria

This amazing structure, designed by Juri Troy Architects and located in Austria, is a sleek melding of modern architecture and immersion in nature.  

From the outside, the birch logs provide a stark contrast to the walls.  Inside, you’re given the impression of being in the center of a forest.

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The Roof & Mushrooms Pavilion

The Roof & Mushrooms Pavilion at Kyoto University of Art and Design

The Roof & Mushrooms Pavilion at Kyoto University of Art and Design was designed by Ryue Nishizawa and Nendo to be an organic pavilion that mimics the natural environment around it.

The pavilion itself functions not only as a roof to a pathway down the mountainside, but also as a wall, and it is meant to reproduce the feeling of walking through a dense forest.

It is surrounded by metal stools that were designed to mirror the shape and random patterns in which the local wild mushrooms grow.

It’s an amazing, fluid design, but I have to admit, I can’t look at it without wondering what it would feel like to skateboard down the length of it.

The Roof & Mushrooms Pavilion at Kyoto University of Art and Design

The Roof & Mushrooms Pavilion at Kyoto University of Art and Design

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Imaginary Architecture: the Artwork of Filip Dujardin

The Belgian artist Filip Dujardin specializes in something he calls “imaginary architecture.”

It’s fascinating:  he takes an image that would otherwise be nondescript and something at which we might not otherwise take a second glance, and he changes it into something spectacular and unique and fantastical.

His artwork is fun to look at.

It gives you something to ponder.

And as a prior student of architecture, it sparks fire within my imagination.

D’ville 001 (2012)

D’ville 007 (2012)

GMRS 008 (2012)

Untitled #1

Untitled #5

Untitled #16

Untitled #21

To see more of Dujardin’s artwork, check out the Highlight Gallery.

Amazon’s Biodome in Seattle Approved

The design for a tri-sphere biodome in downtown Seattle has been approved.

Designed by NBBJ, the bubble-shaped structure will serve as the downtown headquarters for the Amazon, featuring 3.3 million-square-feet of office and retail space.

There will be plenty of area for working, meeting, dining, and lounging.  They’re even planning to add a dog park in the future.

I’m pretty excited about this building.  It’s organic shape flows refreshingly between Amazon’s three high-rise towers, a glass cluster of social interaction.

All photo copyright of NBBJ.

Find out more at Arch Daily.

The Hammock House

Hammock House

The Hammock House in Paraguay is appropriately named.

Although constructed of brick and concrete, it has the sleek lines and soft shape of an intricately woven hammock strung lazily between two trees and beckoning you to come inside and relax.

Hammock House

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