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Coastal Blueprint Posters

These coastal blueprint posters measure 12″ x 12″ and depict both nautical animals and structures.

The first shows a lighthouse, sailboat, and anchor, and the second an octopus, seahorse, and crab.

True, they’re more map-like than blueprint-like, but, either way, if I had a beach house, this art would be on the walls.

Coastal Blueprint Posters:  Lighthouse, Sailboat, and Anchor

Coastal Blueprint Posters:  Octopus, Seahorse, and Crab

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(Source:  poster 1, poster 2)

Now You See It…

This mysterious “Lucid Stead” house is an art piece by Phillip K. Smith III, nestled in the stark California desert, near Joshua Tree.

A study in reflected and projected light, it feels like a dessert mirage.

See more at Booooooom.

Imaginary Architecture: the Artwork of Filip Dujardin

The Belgian artist Filip Dujardin specializes in something he calls “imaginary architecture.”

It’s fascinating:  he takes an image that would otherwise be nondescript and something at which we might not otherwise take a second glance, and he changes it into something spectacular and unique and fantastical.

His artwork is fun to look at.

It gives you something to ponder.

And as a prior student of architecture, it sparks fire within my imagination.

D’ville 001 (2012)

D’ville 007 (2012)

GMRS 008 (2012)

Untitled #1

Untitled #5

Untitled #16

Untitled #21

To see more of Dujardin’s artwork, check out the Highlight Gallery.

Street Art in the Sahara

The Spanish street artist Mesa traveled to the Sahara for an event called Artifariti 2011.  He participated in this art project while living with Saharawi families in refugee camps.

His artwork is amazing, full of emotion, and striking against the stark desert background.

Read more about Mesa at My Modern Met and see his photos on Flickr.

Home is Made of Love

This beautiful poster displays a simple but powerful message:  “A Home is Made Of Love and Dreams.”

What is a home to you?  What makes your house a home?

a home is made of love and dreams

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Architects are Artists, Too

LIKEarchitects is a design studio that reinterprets everyday objects to create art.  And architecture.

At the same time.

It was formed in 2008 in Portugal by Diogo Aguiar, João Jesus, and Teresa Otto.  Their first project was a temporary bar constructed of illuminated IKEA storage boxes.  Glowing boxes…..  It’s architecture, but it’s art, too.  Not just easy on the eyes, this type of architecture enlivens all the senses.

And it looks cool, too.

Check out some of their awesome work:


Temporary Bar

Party Animal

Fountain Hacks

Read more about LIKEarchitects at Frameweb.