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Moonshine Lamps

I’m fascinated by beautiful lighting.

Based out of Claremont, California, Moonshine Lamp Co. recycles cast off bottles into gorgeous lamps and chandeliers.

Their catchphrase is “Turning recycled bottles into objects of distinction,” and I couldn’t agree more.  Distinction is almost an understatement.

It can sometimes be difficult to take such a fun concept and turn it into something truly classy.

Moonshine Lamp Co. achieves that.  Check these out:

Recycled bottle lamp wall sconce 1800 Tequila Bottle

Mason Jar Pulley Wall Sconce

Recycled Bottle Chandelier The Marquis

These lights, and many more, are available at Moonshine Lamp on Etsy.

Paper House Lights

I’m a sucker for a beautiful chandelier.

But make a chandelier out of tiny houses, which appeals to the architect in me, and out of tiny paper houses at that, which appeals to the writer in me, well… now you’ve produced something truly magical!

And those shadows?  Amazing.

paper house light

paper house light

paper house light

This light isn’t for sale, unfortunately, but Hutch Studio does plan on making a DIY kit eventually.  For now, if you live in or plan to visit Washington, you can sign up for one of their workshops where you can make one yourself.

I think I need to go see how many frequent flyer miles I’ve got saved up…

In the meantime, you can read all about the brilliant (pun intended) paper house lights at Hutch Studio.

Conduit Iron Series from Troy Lighting

detail of iron chandelier

I love the creativity in the Conduit series from Troy Lighting.  There is a industrial, warehouse-feel to the design, but a sensation of movement to the pieces, as well.  They would fit well in a variety of settings, whether your home had a country or a modern feel.

Here are some of the pieces from the collection:


Check out the details at Troy Lighting.