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Stylish Rugs for Kids

Dexter Rug, Neutral/Blue

In both of my kids’ rooms, I really feel like the rugs pulled everything together.

In the animal nursery, the rug matched the crib comforter, and in my toddler’s “big girl room,” we found a patterned rug that pulled colors from her comforter and was bordered in the purple shade in which I’d painted her walls.

Either way, rugs are a fun element to add to a room. Even a carpeted one. Which is why I’m sharing these gorgeous rugs. Hopefully they’ll inspire some fun for your little one’s bedrooms and playrooms!

Buddy Rug, Neutral/Green


 Calf Rug, Ivory/Multi

Boxy Rug, Green/Pink

Nora Rug, Green/Neutral/Blue

Cassandra Rug, Purple/Aqua


Oude Flat-Weave Rug, Pink/Linen

Grace Outdoor Rug, Natural

Conarte’s Colorful Mountains of Books

Conarte library with mountains of shelves for books

When I saw the photos of this Mexican library, I was instantly enchanted!

In the heart of the city of Monterrey is Fundidora Park.  The park includes everything from gardens to museums and auditoriums to theme parks.

It also includes this spectacular library designed by the architects at Anagrama.  This children’s library, or cultural center, is part of the Conarte, or Council for the Culture and Arts of Nuevo León.

It was designed to be a playful space to help enhance the love of reading in children by mimicking the local mountainous landscape.

children's library with mountains of shelves

I can just see my own kids running over the mountains of shelves, rolling and climbing and laughing, and, finally, snuggling up in a valley corner to enjoy a book.

And myself.  I can see myself doing these things as well.  🙂

Read more about the library at ArchDaily.