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The Hammock House

Hammock House

The Hammock House in Paraguay is appropriately named.

Although constructed of brick and concrete, it has the sleek lines and soft shape of an intricately woven hammock strung lazily between two trees and beckoning you to come inside and relax.

Hammock House

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The New Hammock

There is a comfort in motion.

And pillows.

The great thing about hanging beds and hanging chairs?  They combine both.

But even if you’re more inclined towards the flexibility of a more traditional hammock, I think you’ll enjoy all of these seats (and probably especially the fluffy pillow hammock pictured last!).

And, after you take a mini vacation by closing your eyes to escape to each of these individual-sized havens, leave a comment to let me know which one is your favorite!

hanging bench bed overlooking beach

rustic hanging bed with white pillows and blankets

soft pillow hammock

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