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The $150 Handmade House

The $150 Handmade Hobbit House

This amazing, hobbit-like house was hand constructed by farmer Michael Buck with unwanted scraps and £150 of materials (about 245 USD, but 150 sounded catchier in the title).

Technically categorized as a summer house, it’s located in Mr. Buck’s garden.  He spent two years gathering materials for the home and about 8 months building it.  He used a technique called cob for the walls, which consists of making the walls from sand, clay, straw, water, and earth.

The purpose behind its construction was to challenge the notion that it should take a lifetime to pay for a house.

It would have been free to build, too, except that he miscalculated how much straw he would need for the thatching.  He used the money to buy extra straw and nails to hold the roof in place.  But everything else was gathered scraps, such as wood from a skip used for the floors and an old windshield from a truck for the windows.

It has no electricity, but there’s a wood-burning stove and a water supply from the nearby stream.  It’s livable, and, in fact, is currently being rented to a local dairy farm worker who pays her rent in milk and cream.

The $150 Handmade Hobbit House

The $150 Handmade Hobbit House

The $150 Handmade Hobbit House

See the whole story at The Daily Mail.

8 Tips to Add Value and Curb Appeal to Your Home

8 Tips to Add Curb Appeal to Your Home

Image: CustomHouseNumbers.com

8 Great Tips for Adding Curb Appeal and Value to Your Home:

1.  Wash your house’s face
2.  Freshen the paint job
3.  Regard the roof
4.  Neaten the yard
5.  Add a color splash
6.  Glam your mailbox
7.  Fence yourself in
8.  Maintenance is a must

To read all of the details of these suggestions, check out this article from HouseLogic:

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Beautiful Laundry Rooms

Here are three laundry rooms featured at Better Homes & Gardens, all awesome in their own way.

Which is your favorite?

And why?  The cabinets?  the Appliances?  Let us know!

3 laundry rooms

See more photos, and find tips on making laundry easier, at Better Homes and Gardens.

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Is Your House a Haunted House? | Halloween Maintenance

haunted house halloween maintenance

photo: Knape/Vetta/Getty Images

Does your house remind you of a Halloween Haunted House?

Now that Fall is here, your house may be experiencing some expanding and contracting via its pipes, framing, glass, and even its nails.  This can cause a variety of problems.

If you find you have

  • Zombie Odors
  • Footsteps in the Attic
  • Smells of Something Burning
  • Moaning and Clattering

it may be time to call your plumber, exterminator, or even your HVAC technician.

Read why here:

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5 Easy DIY Weekend Projects Under $300


Got a free weekend?  Even just a day?

Try one of these do-it-yourself projects that cost about $300 – or even less!

1.  Add a garden arbor entry.
2.  Install a window awning.
3.  Screen off your air conditioner from view.
4.  Add garage storage.
5.  Edge your garden.

Read details and instructions here:

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Home Maintenance 101: 7 Things Every Home Owner Should Know

 7 Things Every Homeowner Should Know
When you move into your first (or second or forever) home, there are a few things you should know how to do:

1. Fix a leaky toilet.
2. Repair drywall holes.
3. Adjust cabinet doors.
4. Open a stuck window.
5. Stop a leaking faucet.
6. Silence door squeaks.
7. Turn off the main water line.

Find out how to solve all these common homeowner maintenance issues here:

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Affordable Kitchen Remodeling: 5 Money-Saving Steps

kitchen white open shelves

Want a complete kitchen remodel, but don’t have the full budget you’ll need available yet?

Try these 5 money-saving steps:

Stage 1: Start with a complete design plan
Stage 2: Order the cabinets, appliances, and lighting fixtures
Stage 3: Gut the kitchen and do the electrical and plumbing work
Stage 4: Install cabinets, countertop, appliances, flooring, and fixtures
Final phases: Upgrade if necessary

Read all the details here:

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Home is Made of Love

This beautiful poster displays a simple but powerful message:  “A Home is Made Of Love and Dreams.”

What is a home to you?  What makes your house a home?

a home is made of love and dreams

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Inside the Home of Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady

While scrolling through the photos of the home of Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady, I have to admit that I wasn’t overly excited about the fully-equipped, custom gym or even the sprawling, marble-filled master closet, nice as they were… but the kitchen?

Now there’s a room I could get lost in.

The brick, barrel vault ceiling… the massive, white farmhouse sink sunk into the custom cabinetry… the rustic look to the wood of the island… the simple elegance of the glass bowl chandeliers… the wide, wood plank floors… the Wolf range…

Oh… I could cook here all day.

And spend many happy hours lounging on the loggia, or meditatively staring into the koi pond.

Check out these photos from Architectural Digest:

Home Exterior with Koi Pond Moat

Kitchen with Rustic Elegance

Loggia with Beam Ceiling and Limestone Fireplace

Check out the slideshow at Architectural Digest.  And read the article:  Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady’s Los Angeles Home.