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Realtors vs. For Sale by Owners

About to put your house on the market? Are you going to try to sell it yourself?

Before you do, consider these statistics:

  • Realtors sell homes 19 days faster than For Sale by Owner
  • Realtors sell for 19%, or about $41,000, more than For Sale by Owner
  • The total number of For Sale by Owner property sales has fallen from 20% to 9% in the last decade

Realtors vs. For Sale by Owners


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5 Feng Shui Concepts to Help a Home Sell

Want to sell your home?

Try some Feng Shui!

5 quick tips include:

1.  Pay special attention to the front door.
2.  Chi energy can be flushed away wherever there are drains.
3.  The master bed should be in a place of honor, power, and protection.
4.  The dining room symbolizes the energy and power of family togetherness.
5.  The windows are considered to be the eyes of the home.

Read the details at the National Association of REALTOR’s article 5 Feng Shui Concepts to Help a Home Sell.

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