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Vintage Loft Inspired Furniture

When I visited One Kings Lane, I was excited to see a new collection of furniture with a vintage loft style.

Here are my favorite pieces:

Midcentury Chairs, Set of 6

Industrial Enamel & Steel Pendant

Metal Letter M

Smith-Corona Typewriter w/ Case

Industrial Gauges w/ Stands, S/3

Blue Metal Coil

French Award Trophy Plaque, 1976

Entrance Sign

Midcentury Armillary Sphere Lamp

Industrial Articulating Lamps, Pair

Rustic Boston Trunk

Beautiful Lighting from Foscarini

If you follow my blog, you know I love beautiful light fixtures.  I’m even a little obsessed with them.

I love how light fixtures are necessary, but can also function as a work of art, an expression of your personality.

Anyway, today I wanted to share with you some of my favorites from Foscarini:



Big Bang

I find the subtle white palette of the fixture itself that projects the light in varieties of patterns and overlapping textures that add life to a space.

Find more great lighting at Foscarini.

Moonshine Lamps

I’m fascinated by beautiful lighting.

Based out of Claremont, California, Moonshine Lamp Co. recycles cast off bottles into gorgeous lamps and chandeliers.

Their catchphrase is “Turning recycled bottles into objects of distinction,” and I couldn’t agree more.  Distinction is almost an understatement.

It can sometimes be difficult to take such a fun concept and turn it into something truly classy.

Moonshine Lamp Co. achieves that.  Check these out:

Recycled bottle lamp wall sconce 1800 Tequila Bottle

Mason Jar Pulley Wall Sconce

Recycled Bottle Chandelier The Marquis

These lights, and many more, are available at Moonshine Lamp on Etsy.

Driftwood Lights

These lamps made from pieces of driftwood are a perfect juxtaposition between nature and electricity.

And they’re beautiful, too.

Their rustic simplicity could accent any room gracefully.  Which one is your favorite?  Where would you put it?

driftwood lamp


driftwood lamp


driftwood lamp

photos:  Lampadaire liseuse en bois flotté, Lampadaire en bois flotté abat-jour gris, Lampe à poser en bois flotté