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Groundbreaking on Tampa Area Bass Pro Shop Today

Today construction began on The Estuary shopping complex in Brandon that will include Tampa’s first Bass Pro Shop.

The new “family oriented entertainment complex” will also include restaurants, a hotel, and TopGolf.

There is a little bit of a controversy around the tax dollars that have been spent in this endeavor, although I certainly know a lot of people who will be happy to have a local Bass Pro.

I certainly am.  I’ll be taking my kids there.  How about you?  The fish tanks and decor are always a big hit with the kiddos.

But that means the tax dollars that were spend were probably a good idea, since they all went to fixing the traffic flow in the Brandon area.  The Estuary will be right across from The Brandon Town Center, and if you’ve ever driven around there, you know it’s an all day project just to get out of the parking lot.

Do you agree?  Money well spent or not?

Read more and watch the report at My Fox Tampa Bay.