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Pantry Organizing Ideas

Organize pantry shelves with foam board covered in shelf liner!

I was sooooo excited when I found this photo on IHeartOrganizing!

This crafty blogger had such a great idea when it came to pantry organization that I absolutely had to share it.

I’ve always had problems with wire pantry shelves and things getting stuck or unbalanced because of them.  My mom solved this by putting certain items on large trays placed on the wire racks.

But I like this idea for dressing up the pantry, and the flexibility of fitting the boards to the exact size of your shelves.  She used foam board and covered it with shelf liner.

I think I’m going to have to try this.  What about you?  Would you try it?

Moore Shelving: The Pull Out Shelf Company

One of the vendors at Florida’s Largest Home Show that caught my eye was Moore Shelving.

They install pull-out shelves, which is something I love.  I had quite a few drawers in my kitchen in Germany, but haven’t had any since I moved back to the States.  I miss them.  So, when I saw how easy it is to install them in your existing cabinets, I was very excited!

This is especially great in the kitchen, but also works well in bathrooms, offices, craft rooms, and garages, too.

They even offer special shelves that fit around the plumbing under your sink, to help you utilize every inch of space.

Here are some photos I took at the home show:

Moore Shelving

Moore Shelving

And here is a video that shows the shelves in action:

You can see more photos, and read all about their products by visiting their website at Moore Shelving.

Making a Designer Boutique Out of a Closet

I’ve loved all my walk in closets.

Many women (and men!) do, I suppose.  But how do you turn something nice into something spectacular?  Give it some bling.

But not just any bling:  organized bling.

Turning your closet into a designer boutique can be as simple as adding some adjustable shelves and rods, plus a set of drawers and a few directional spotlights.  Or, you could hire a closet designer.

Check out some of the benefits a designer can provide in this video where Forbes reporter Morgan Brennan interviews Lisa Adams, the founder and CEO of L.A. Closet Design: