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Pantry Organizing Ideas

Organize pantry shelves with foam board covered in shelf liner!

I was sooooo excited when I found this photo on IHeartOrganizing!

This crafty blogger had such a great idea when it came to pantry organization that I absolutely had to share it.

I’ve always had problems with wire pantry shelves and things getting stuck or unbalanced because of them.  My mom solved this by putting certain items on large trays placed on the wire racks.

But I like this idea for dressing up the pantry, and the flexibility of fitting the boards to the exact size of your shelves.  She used foam board and covered it with shelf liner.

I think I’m going to have to try this.  What about you?  Would you try it?

Hidden Pantry

hidden pantry in cabinets

A walk-in pantry hidden behind cabinet doors???

*squeals with delight*

This semi-custom fine cabinetry from Marquis Cabinets out of Seneca, Kansas is pretty great on its own … but with a hidden room behind the doors?  Genius.

And a heck of a conversation starter with guests.  “Hey, could you grab me a jar of mustard out of that cabinet right there?”


There’s a whole room back here!  Add a disco ball and you’ve got a party.

This is the type of thing that sells houses.

Well, that, and the giant stainless steel refrigerator.  But that’s for another post.  Right now you should be focused on the hidden pantry, and sharing your squeals of delight with your coworkers.

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