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Florida Consumer Confidence Rises | Sell Your House Now!

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Floridian’s consumer confidence is rising.

In November, it was reported that consumers now feel that they’re better off financially then they were before, and now is a good time to buy high-ticket items.

Now is a great time to sell your house!

If you’ve been on the fence about making a decision as to whether or not to list your house right now, check out 5 Reasons to List Your Home During the Holidays.

Read more about the survey at Florida Realtors.

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5 Reasons to List Your Home During the Holidays

5 Reasons to List Your Home For Sale During the Holidays

5 Reasons to List Your Home During the Holidays: 

1.  There are fewer homes on the market during the holidays.  Less supply means more demand for your house.  More demand means a quicker sale.

2.  Buyers are more emotional during the holiday season.  They’re more likely to fall in love with your house and, if they are already in love with your house when they make their offer, they’ll be more willing to pay your price.

3.  Buyers have more free time.  Buyers are more likely to have more free time during the week during the holiday season.  Showings will be more likely to be at more convenient times for you.

4.  But, you don’t have to worry about your celebrations being disturbed.  You can request that there are no showings on Christmas or any other days that you’d rather be left alone.  People are still shopping on the days surrounding these holidays.

5.  Buyers who are shopping during the holidays are more serious.  They’d rather be celebrating the season, but they’re house-shopping instead because they need to find a home.

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